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ACCURATE AUTO SPECIALIST SERVICE MENU: Factory scheduled maintenance / Prices subject to change without notice. Prices do not include tax or hazardous waste removal. This is a condensed menu - refer to your owner's manual for more complete details
3,750 MILE - 11, 250 ETC, Includes engine oil and filter change
Top off fluids (except brake fluid)
Set tires PSI
Inspect air filter----------------------------------------------$24.95
7,500.00 MILE - 22,500 ETC, Includes all of the 3,750 service plus
The following: Rotate Tires
Inspect front and read brakes (adj. if needed)
Inspect power steering (if applicable)--------------------$62.95
15,000 MILE - Includes all of the 7,500-mile service plus the following:
Adjust rear brakes including parking brake
Adjust valves depending on year
Inspect brake hoses and lines incl. ABS lines
Inspect exhaust system
Inspect front wheel alignment
Inspect front suspension mounting bolts 95-New---------------$85.95
Inspect steering operation, gearbox and boots 94- Older-------$149.00
Inspect front drive axle CV boots
45,000 MILE - 75,000-105K Includes all of 15,000 Mile service plus
Depending on year, either flush brake fluid or
Change transmission fluid 96-New--------$144.95
Flush out coolant and refill coolant 95-Older---$214.95
30,000 MILE - 90K-105K Includes all of the 15K service (no coolant flush)
Includes flush out brake fluid (add $45.00 for ABS)
Replace transmission fluid
Replace air filter element
Replace spark plugs (add $75.00 for Prelude V-Tech)
Inspect spark plug wires, distributor cap and rotor
Inspect rear brake drums, wheel cylinders and linings
Inspect ABS operation
Inspect all drive belts (does not include T-belt or balancer belt)
Inspect cooling system and hoses
Inspect fuel lines and connections-----------------------$299.95
98 Newer Accord includes HVAC filters
60,000 MILE - 120K Includes all of the 30,000 mile service plus the following
Replace fuel filter (94-older)
Replace ABS high PSI hose (on select models)
Adjust engine idle speed
Adjust engine ignition timing
Test and inspect EGR valve operation-------------------------$350.00
Inspect emissions systems A/ABS---------$395.00
Inspect catalytic convert heat shield W/ABS HOSE--- $495.00
Ask your advisor for time and mileage interval for timing belt replacement!

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